Bible Reading Plan

Beginning in January, we read through the entire Bible in one year.

Below are links to the Bible Reading plan that we are using. These are all the same plan, but the format of how they’re typed is just different to help you in whichever format you need.

If you use the YouVersion Bible App

The One Year Bible plan is an included plan in the YouVersion Bible app. This is a free app, and a free plan for you to use. The app will allow you to check off your reading as you complete it each day.

If you use the YouVersion app for this plan, you will need to select the KJV for the version to read.

The One Year Bible Reading Plan in YouVersion Bible App

If you prefer to print a copy

The One Year Bible website has links to the plan on their website as well. They offer several different versions for printing, ranging from very small with only a few pages, to large print with 1 month reading per page.

The One Year Bible Reading Plan website, with printable links

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